Hey, how’s it going?

Manteresting. This is how I describe myself – in one word.

I don’t have any particular interests. I’m an avid sportsman, keeping myself up to date with the latest in the UEFA, FIS, and ATP. I like the outdoors for many reasons: photography, sightseeing, and having fun with my course-mates. I haven’t been to the continent, but this is I want to do next term. I’m particularly drawn to old castles, its romantic aspect that I can write about. I can’t get enough of it in this part, which is why I set my sights on Germany and France.

In a way, I can be adventurous. I can also be eclectic. But I don’t see myself participating in a No Trousers Day. I’m into heavy reading, now and then, which is the reason why I study Literature. There are instances that I can be intense, so procrastination won’t be a problem. I’m not pulling a leg, as my house-mates can attest on this.

I want a blog of my own, where I can share my ideas and experience with my mates – and anyone else. Anything I like, anything I fancy. This is an introduction, so the next post will be more interesting. Maybe tennis.


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